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I am a Reference Librarian at a community college and an avid reader. These are my thoughts, reviews, ideas, comments, and everyday musings.

Based on previous reading choices...

I find it amusing (and probably no one else does but, hey this is my blog so I’ll share it anyway) that I read Gone Girl and did NOT like it at all but I am reading all these books based on recommendations from the Gone Girl author (Girl on the Train, Where They Found Her, Luckiest Girl Alive, Disclaimer, Method 15/33). I found the characters in GG annoying, angry, backstabbing, heartless, and unrelatable- I know that this was the point of the book but for me personally, I need to care about a character in the book or get attached (even minimally) to someone in the story to really feel like I am apart of the plot. For Gone Girl- I hated the main characters and hated the circumstances they put themselves into and the only character I felt for (SPOILER) was the unborn child of Nick and Amy because of their psychotic-ness and destructive relationship- never a healthy combination to raise a child in. But despite not liking GG (I gave it 3 stars- really a 2.5, but you can’t give half-stars on Goodreads) I am really enjoying the titles I’ve found based on the unreliable narrator, suspense, mystery, drama, etc. recommendations from it.

Take Girl on the Train, for example. I read it in three days- over vacation (much to my husband's dismay) and loved it.

I am currently reading Where They Found Her and can’t put it down- I read 220 pages in twenty-four hours.

I am anxiously awaiting Luckiest Girl Alive, Disclaimer, and Method 15/33 from the library- so I can’t exactly comment on how much I like or dislike those titles but from the blurbs and reviews, they sound good.