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Crimson Bound

Crimson Bound - Rosamund Hodge

I've been reading Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge and I'm about 150 pages (out of roughly 450) in and I just can't seem to get through it. Its a retelling/mash-up of Little Red Riding Hood and Girl with No Hands- its an interesting mashup and concept so in theory it would be an interesting book. Not so much. I find the main character to be very whiny and self-sacrificing to the point of being annoying- especially since every other paragraph is about how shes going to sacrifice her life to kill (or try to kill) the Devourer and prevent the Endless Night. 

Boring. Oh so boring... 


I finished this book... finally (it took a week- which is long for me) and boy am I glad I did. I finished it and was actually excited about finishing it. That is sad- you should never be excited about finishing a book- as a reader, you should want to stay engrossed and in love with the written words. I know not every book will capture your imagination but I always enjoy reading- this book made me wish I could give up on books easier than I do. 

I had such high expectations for this book- I loved Cruel Beauty- but Crimson Bound fell short. I'll give Rosamund Hodge another chance (mainly because I loved Cruel Beauty so much) 

Overall: 2/5