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The Dark Divine Review

The Dark Divine - Bree Despain

I never hate books. Hate is such a strong word- it implies intense dislike, frustration, anger, and rage- all directed toward words on a page. No I don't hate specific books, I just don't enjoy them. 

Perhaps I was not the intended audience- maybe the  book was published for young adults and I just didn't understand the teenage angst. 
Perhaps the intended audience was middle-aged men and I just don't understand the mid-life-crisis. 
Perhaps the intended audience were science buffs and, unfortunately, science is not my forte. 

No matter what or who the intended audience is for a book, I never hate any  book I read. I know how hard it is to write, edit, write, edit and eventually publish a  book. It's a looooong process that takes months, years to complete. I understand all the hard work and emotions that are put into writing and publishing a book. Published works are the writers babies. They created them and watched them grow and change- writers are very protective when it comes to their work. I always feel bad when I give a book a low rating or a bad review....


But with that being said... Here is my review of Bree Despain's The Dark Divine. 
I read her newest book, Into the Dark #1: The Shadow Prince, and loved it. So I decided to read her other series. 

Boy am I glad I read The Shadow Prince first. Had I read The Dark Divine first- I wouldn't have bothered to read her newest series. The concept for The Dark Divine is a good- Grace, a strong Christian, falls in love with her brother's ex-best friend, the bad boy with a dark secret.

FYI: I am notoriously known for ruining the endings of TV shows and books for my family and friends- I will try to not give anything away. 

Before I started this book, I thought the good/bad concept was going to be angels vs demons- Christian girl and "dark secret" crush seemed like the perfect set up. But nope. It was another werewolf/vampire/forbidden love/teenage angst book. I am a big fan of YA but I also know that I am not the "intended audience" so perhaps I'm just too old (gasp) to get the appeal of vampires/werewolves. The main character, Grace, is whiny and bland- there is no development or change what-so-ever. She spends most of the novel trying to figure out why her brothers ex-best friend is his ex-best friend. All she knows is that James showed up covered in blood one night and Daniel disappeared the next day. I thought when this secret was revealed there would be a big "ah-ha" moment or something that would shock or surprise me. But nope. I guessed the big "secret" about 1/4th of the way into the book. The entire book felt like Twilight but with a religious Bella and no love triangle (yet), 

Overall Rating: 2/5